Youth Baseball Game Hitting Fundamental

You have probably heard that hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult things to do in sports. This is quite correct. Hitting a baseball is not an easy task, and it becomes more difficult when you move higher up in the game.

By the time you get to high school, you will be facing pitchers who not only throw very hard but have mastered many different pitches. Practicing and learning the proper fundamentals of hitting is tough, but that is the only way one can become a good hitter.

Youth Baseball Game Hitting Fundamental

You need to work on your swinging so that it becomes an integral part of your memory, in this case you have proper knowledge on baseball bat, here is a ex of a good bat which is Easton MAKO Youth Baseball Bat . This is important because when the ball is on the way to the plate, you barely have the time to think. All you have to do then is to react.

In this article we will discuss the three fundamentals of baseball that will help you in refining your swing, thereby molding you into a consistent and dangerous hitter.

Your head, your hands, and Your feet are vital to your hitting success. All you need is to move them correctly at the right time, and you will be racking up hits.

We use our feet to maintain balance when swinging. This is crucial. Keeping your balance through swing is vital for your ability to track and hit the ball accurately.
You should be comfortable with your stance.

To make sure you are in the right position, ensure you are standing in the box and stretch out the bat to see if it can touch the other side of the plate. When it does, then you are in the right position to provide complete plate coverage.

When you are moving your hands toward the ball, do not stretch out your arms or move your hands forward. Learn to Keep your hands back at the start of your swing; this will allow you to generate enough energy with your legs.


When you make contact, you should see the bat hit the ball. Hit through the baseball, this means that the speed of your bat should be at its peak before contact. This technique helps you to become a better hitter.

You should keep your head still throughout each swing. Make sure that your chin goes from shoulder to shoulder while you take the swing.

You won’t be moving your chin, but your swing will be rotating your shoulders. If you can be able to control your head throughout each swing, the hitting the ball becomes very easier.